DFiVE9 - unplugged

We have had a lot of calls for a DVD so we are playing a special show on Sat, Jan 31st, acoustic and storyteller style that will be filmed for an upcoming DVD. We're really excited about the acoustic version of our music and plan on some great stories about the DFiVE9 experience.


This Tues, Sept 23rd, we will be playing with Filter. We all consider "Hey Man Nice Shot" to be one of the best songs ever written so we're excited to joining the stage with these guys. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Thank you R3 Festival

Thanks to everyone at the R3 Festival. We had a great time. It was nice to see some old friends and make new ones. There are certainly some killer bands in Oregon!

D-Day with DF9

Celebrate D-Day with DFiVE9 at the Hawthorne Theatre on Friday, June 6th. Keith's alter-ego will also be performing in A Darker Grey. Kick-ass band if you haven't seen them yet. We will also be unveiling a 2008 version of a classic DF9 tune --> Conquistador. See you there.

Back Again!

DF9 will be appearing Sat, Oct 20th at the Hawthorne Theatre co-headlining with Rehab. We're anxious to get back on stage and be the home team for this touring act. Looking forward to seeing all of you again.

Shake off the rust

Oh, to be coaxed out of semi-retirement! DF9 will be appearing at the Hawthorne to celebrate the launch party for Wild Child Magazine. We do few shows anymore so don't miss this opportunity. We are E*A*G*E*R to play so you can expect a killer show. Plus, we miss everyone. Stop by and say hi to your old friends.

New show

1st New show after a long summer break. Friday, Sep 15 at the Hawthorne Theatre in Portland, OR with Inflikt, First in Line and Few and Far Between

Latest Info

One, some really cool video footage was shot at the CD Release Party. It will be posted on our myspace page soon. Two, another great all ages show coming up May 13th. Come out and help Will celebrate his birthday. Three, California, HERE WE COME. Once again DF9 will be touring the Golden State for our new album. Details will be soon-coming.

CD Release Dates are set

Wow! The CD Release Party went off without a hitch. Man, what an awesome night. Thank you everyone for the soldout crowd and a fantastic evening. The feedback we've been getting on Stampede the Faceless has been great and we appreciate it. Check out the Fri, 4/10 issue of the Oregonian for a new review in the A&E section.

CD Release Dates are set

The CD Release party for "Stampede the Faceless" has been set. Saturday April 8th at our homecourt in the Hawthorne Theater in Portland. We are lining up the final details to play with some of our favorite bands. We're looking at a sweet lineup of bands we would personally go see so it's going to be good.

Happy Holidays from DFiVE9

DF9 will like to wish everyone a happy holidays. We really grateful for all of the fans and musicians we met this year. It was another great year for us and we're looking forward to 2006. Happy Holidays Everyone!

KUFO Rockathon benefit show for the Parry Center

DF9, Plain Jayne, Syx and Sweetie will be playing the KUFO Rockathon show this year at the Roseland Theater to benefit the Parry Center for Children. This is a great cause that KUFO supports every year and this year DF9 is proud to participate. You can get your tickets now at the Roseland Theater or through TicketsWest.

Huge Halloween Show!

This Friday, oct. 28th, DF9 will be playing with Floater for the 1st Annual Halloween Ball at the Hawthorne Theater. This show will probably sell out so please get your tickets early. Click HERE --> TICKETSWEST We will be playing some more new music from the upcoming album and we will guarantee some good laughs at our costumes this year. Hope to see everyone there.

The machine begins to stir again

First, DFiVE9 will be playing its first show at Nic's new club, the Hawthorne Theatre, Sat, 9/17, in Portland. It is an all ages shows and gives everyone a chance to see Nic's new digs. It's a sweet club with very, very good sound so it's gonna be good. Second, the new DFiVE9 studio is almost finished and we'll soon be moving there for rehearsal. Mike has put in a lot of work for that and we appreciate it.

The recording summer...

The recording summer has been going well. It looks like at this time there will be 16 tracks on this new album, inlcluding and 9 news, the 3 songs from the Massey demo and 4 minuets. We will be taking a little break from recording in mid-August to play a show with our Jager friends, Northwest Royale and Domeshots. Look to the shows page for details when they are announced.

Moving along on the new album

Thanks for everyone for some great shows lately. We've had a lot of fun and it's a nice break from writing/recording all of the time. The new album is coming along. We decided to upgrade some more equipment in our studio and just finished two more new songs last week. Soon it will be time to record the pre-production versions and decide what goes on the record and what doesn't.

Recording news and appreciation

We have inundated for requests and offers for shows. First, thank you very, very much. We very much appreciate all of the show offers and are listening to all of the requests for more shows, especially the all-ages ones. We are right in the middle of recording the new album and as a result we are trying to stay focused on that. Yesterday was the first pre-production mix of the songs that will probably make it. We are ALL very excited because this record is turning out to be pretty special. We will be returning to our normal show schedule and road trips as soon as we're done. We PROMISE! And, yes, that does include another tour through Cali-state. So, keep emailing us, we love it. Keep listening to the songs, we love it. And keep supporting bands and music, because we really love that.

Happy Birthday to Mike

Saturday is the birthday of Maximilian Klaw, better know as DF9 guitarist Mike Krum. DF9 will up in Seattle for a show on Friday. Make sure to offer your birthday condolences there.

Happy Birthday to Keith

Today is the birthday of our big, bad bass player Keith Foster. Happy to have been in a band with him for another year. Feel free to give him some "special" messages in the guestbook. ;)

It's a new year with new things to share

Work continues on the new album. This is the most organic approach we've ever taken to writing and recording and we think the results will show a record really true to what we are. We're pretty excited about things so far. Next, DF9 is now on myspace.com so there are more places to see photos, download music, and send us death threats. Finally two band birthdays coming up. Big Keith's birthday is Jan 31st and Krum's follows on Feb 5th. Make sure take any appropriate birthday action necessary for these two. ;)

Big news of YMike

DFiVE9 would like to extend a huge congratulations to former bass player YMike. He and his long time girlfriend Jenna finally tied the knot this month. Good luck to both YM and Jenna!

December News

Work has begun in earnest on the new DF9 album. Besides polishing up several recent unrecorded songs, we have several brand new songs that we are getting ready. This album will be different than any we have done before. Stay tuned for more...

PUblishing News

The song "Big Brother" was recently chosen to start off Hollywood Video's new GameCrazy sampler CD. The execs first choice was "Blind" from Korn. After 20 secs of "Big Brother" they changed their minds. (I don't think I would. Blind f--in rocks!)

DFiVE9 playing with Drowning Pool and HedPe

On Fri, Dec 3rd, DF9 will be playing with Drowning Pool and HedPe at Sabala's Mt Tabor in Portland. There are not many opportunities to see national bands like this in a intimate club. Make sure to get your tickets now!

New Webpage is released!

The new webpage is finally released. Now you can actually see pictures of our sexy bass player Keith Foster. Thanks to Josh at Bizark Media for designing the page.

The most elusive of beasts --> the acoustic show

Make sure to come to Conan's in Portland this weekend to see Nic and Keith perform a special acoustic DF9 show. This will be a rare and delicious treat.

Bikes, Babes and Brawls was cancelled

As you might have heard on the news, the Bikes, Babes and Brawls event at Safari's was cancelled due to a noise permit problem with the city. We apologize to our fans who wanted to attend. Unfortunately sometimes circumstances are beyond our control.


Exercise your national privilege and get to see some kick ass music at the same time. Rock the Vote and the Willamette Week present DF9 and Tri-Polar for a special Wed show at Dantes. If you care about the USA, you'll be there!